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Last Updated: July 4, 2022

Gangly Flamingo is meant to be a useful resource for consumers researching and seeking information about addiction topics and the experiences of others in the alcohol free community. This is general information about substance abuse, its challenges, and personal experiences with it, and these should not be treated as professional medical advice.

Content on Gangly Flamingo

The content on Gangly Flamingo may be provided by third parties and Gangly Flamingo is not responsible for the information in such content. The content on Gangly Flamingo is not intended or recommended as a standard of care. Due to the constantly changing nature of medical information, it cannot be guaranteed that the information on Gangly Flamingo is current or comprehensive. The intent is to provide up-to-date and accurate information about drug and alcohol addiction compiled from a variety of sources, but users should not rely solely on such information for addiction recovery.

Purpose of Gangly Flamingo
Gangly Flamingo is created for informational purposes only and it does not provide medical advice. The information on this website and on the podcast or any other materials produced by Gangly Flamingo should not be used as a substitute for medical care. Gangly Flamingo does not intend to promote self-management of addiction problems. It should be considered only as an informative public resource. Users are advised to call 911 immediately for any emergency.

Users of this website should:
Obtain independent advice, diagnosis, and treatment for substance abuse from a medical professional.
Always follow the advice of physicians and other qualified healthcare personnel.
Address specific questions about addiction treatment to medical professionals.

The information described in or accessed through Gangly Flamingo should NOT be used to:
Disregard the medical advice of a physician.
Delay seeking medical treatment for substance abuse.
Discontinue any prescribed medical treatments.
Initiate the use of supplements, vitamins, or other non-prescription remedies without first consulting a physician or healthcare provider.

Links to Third-Party Websites
Gangly Flamingo does not endorse or recommend any specific types of treatments or any particular procedures mentioned in the content or provided by linked websites. Gangly Flamingo is not responsible for any offensive information, images, graphics, or text in linked websites or used by podcast guests.

Accuracy of Information
Gangly Flamingo makes no representation and assumes no responsibility as to the reliability, accuracy, usefulness, suitability, or timeliness of the information contained on the website. Users are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from Gangly Flamingo with their healthcare providers and to review all information about substance abuse with their physicians.

Gangly Flamingo is not responsible or liable for any advice, treatment, diagnosis, services, or products obtained through this website, podcast, or any materials produced by Gangly Flamingo.

Use of Gangly Flamingo
Gangly Flamingo assumes no liability for any damages, claims, costs, or obligations arising from the use of this podcast, website, any linked websites, or any materials produced by Gangly Flamingo. The use of third-party websites linked to Gangly Flamingo is at the user’s own risk. The creators, hosts, guests, contributors, authors, editors, and sponsors of Gangly Flamingo are without obligation or liability to any person or entity for any adverse and unwanted consequences that may directly or indirectly occur as a consequence of the information provided on Gangly Flamingo.

Blog Moderation
Comments on Gangly Flamingo may be provided by third parties. Comments are occasionally moderated, but Gangly Flamingo is not responsible for the information contained in the comments. Moderators have the right to erase any comments they deem inappropriate. Comments from volunteer moderators and internet users should not be considered equivalent to advice from qualified healthcare professionals. Users posting comments on Gangly Flamingo forums are neither employees nor agents of the website.

Comments posted on Gangly Flamingo are meant to be supportive and cannot replace a doctor-patient relationship. Gangly Flamingo reminds all users that comments are public and visible to everyone and cannot be deleted once posted. Users are encouraged to refrain from posting personal details and to always be honest and respectful of others. Users should post only true and accurate information to the best of their knowledge. Useful resources and links are encouraged and may include advertisements and commercial posts. However, moderators retain the right to delete any post that is found to be inappropriate.